Mobile Power

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At Mobile Power, we believe that batteries are key to electricity distribution in Africa.

Our Battery-as-a-Service platform gives customers access to affordable electricity in the form of rechargeable Smart Batteries, charged at our solar hubs.  The MOPO App enables entrepreneurs to become agents delivering electricity far and wide on a commission basis.  For customers, our solution requires no deposit, no financial credit scheme, and no fixed payment structure – a true ‘Pay-as-you-use’ model.  It even works where there is no mobile phone coverage and low Mobile Money penetration.

Our flagship product is the “MOPO50 Battery” containing 50Wh of energy and providing a whole household’s energy needs for 24 hours. Our technology and operations model ensures that MOPO Batteries are returned to the Hub and in the agreed timeframe. In addition, Mobile Power is developing a range of batteries that will enable customers to climb the energy ladder, with Productive Energy Use and e-mobility.

Mobile Power has operations in Sierra Leone,  Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda,  Zambia, and The Gambia and expanding all the time.