Mozambique Women of Energy

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Mozambique Women of Energy is a platform of women in all fields of the energy sector with a vision to improve the quality of life in Mozambique by facilitating equal access to energy for all. MWE is driven by the desire to empower women and men in Mozambique and across Africa to become leaders of energy transition, targeting SDGs 5 and 7 towards a sustainable development. We want to change the narrative of Mozambique, by operating as future makers.

MWE divides itself under four pillars: Think, Build, Connect and Lead where each are crucial to the development and implementation of projects such as the Solar Giraffe, a structure to support a photovoltaic panel and a roof to create a community space in the locality of Manguze, Chongoene in Gaza while also capacitating the local women on leadership, gender empowerment in the energy sector and energy transition.

The design of the ENERGIZED SAGA Series program initially developed to be delivered in a presential basis in the form of a workshop, but due to the pandemic, it was adapted into a virtual webinar through Zoom launching in July 2020 a 1st season of 5 episodes on the LNG Value, 2nd season launched in June 2021 and a new SAGA on Energy Transition is currently being developed.

Currently MWE has been giving mentorship to the girl movers in the GIRL Move Academy and is also part of the development of the Mozambique Gas Summit with DMG Events partnership.