Neseltec LTD is a distributor of Off-grid Solar products such as:

  • Solar home Systems
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Solar Refrigerators
  • Solar Sewing Machines
  • Clean Cooking appliances

Neseltec LTD SAS is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 

To improve lives of  the people of sub-Saharan Africa  by providing them with access to clean energy through quality and  affordable solar products.

Kigali, Rwanda



East Africa

We  sell modular Solar Home Systems (SHS) that include batteries, solar panels, and lights. Customers can add separate appliances like radios, TVs, fans, torches, or hair clippers to the kits as per their needs. The batteries have a capacity of 42Wh and utilize LiFePO4 technology, enabling over 2000 cycles.

One of the key advantages of the kits(Spark Kits) is their Pay-As-You-Go functionality, allowing customers to pay for the system gradually. The kit displays the remaining credit and provides insights into system usage, ensuring transparency for users.

The innovative features of Modular Solar Kits are as follows:

  1. Modularity: The  system is a true modular system, offering flexibility to end-users. Unlike other systems, where users at times have to buy a completely new product in order to expand their system, the kit allows users to add batteries over time as their energy needs grow.
  2. Efficiency: Both the hardware and software of Kit batteries are designed for high efficiency. This results in a higher usable capacity compared to systems of similar capacity. The battery-management software ensures that the batteries never discharge to a level that significantly impacts their cycle life, maintaining 80% capacity even after 2000 charge cycles.
  3. Reconfiguration: The modular design not only allows for expansion but also enables endless reconfiguration options. Distributors can tailor the system to fit the market’s evolving needs, providing greater flexibility and adaptability.

Overall, Modular Solar Kits bring innovative and user-friendly features, making them a practical and sustainable solution for affordable and scalable energy access in rural and remote areas. The modularity, efficiency, and reconfiguration capabilities of these kits contribute to their effectiveness in meeting the specific energy needs of diverse communities.

We contribute to universal energy access through the sales and supply of solar home systems to rural households through contracted agents. Up to today the company has sold over 55,000 systems;

The set-up and operation of a solar mini-grid with 30kWp capacity in Rushonga Village in the eastern province, connecting 40 businesses and 210 households

We also supply and distribute of clean cooking appliances in the Rwandan market.

Aiming to be a leader in renewable energy provision in the region, NESELTEC needs to ensure that it is able for formulate right strategies in order to expand its market presence and stay on top of competition. GOGLA will help our business of accelerating energy access through exposure to a wide audience of investors and financiers, giving us access to up-to-date market information and  when possible  offer to us  business development in number areas: Human resource, leadership, business planning and strategy, Governance/management processes, customer engagement and IT& Management systems.

We believe that being equipped with cutting edge skills in the above arears will enable the company to easily identify new opportunity in a timely fashion, never lag behind in new market developments, enhance customer relationship, and easily explore untapped markets.