Nimbus Solar Solutions

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Nimbus Solar is focused on accelerating the process of driving India towards becoming a global leader in solar energy. Equipped with the latest components in the industry and backed by modern technology, they house a wide range of solar products in an original and novel way to deliver autonomous electrical charging systems solutions.

Our mission is to illuminate the world with sustainable energy solutions. Through innovative solar technologies and unwavering commitment to quality, we aim to empower communities, businesses, and individuals to embrace clean energy practices. We are the agents of change.



Mudit Jhunjhunwala


Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we focus our work on inclusion and for the betterment of society and not just on profit. Commitment to quality and innovation for all is our mantra. Whether it’s off-grid solar systems for rural households or grid-tied installations for urban businesses, we ensure that our offerings are adaptable and scalable to address various energy access challenges.


Joining GOGLA can help Nimbus get valuable insights into newer technologies, untapped opportunities & markets along with assistance in capacity building. The dialogue among member from diverse backgrounds and experiences can help us enhance our offerings.