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NOTS improves lives and preserves nature in Sub-Saharan Africa by building renewable energy enterprises. As an ‘impact enterprise’ NOTS aims to maximize social and environmental impact, while providing investors with a healthy return on equity. NOTS’ main initiative is NOTS Blue Power.

Nearly 600 million people in Africa live without electricity. They often light their homes with kerosene lamps instead, which are expensive and dangerous. NOTS Blue Power gets high-quality, affordable solar lamps to people living off-grid in Sub-Saharan Africa – saving families money, improving their health and reducing CO2 emissions. We focus marketing efforts on building awareness, and work together with local partners and entrepreneurs to set up impact enterprises. With little or no access to capital it is difficult for distribution partners and consumers to pay for solar lamps up front. NOTS mitigates these issues by offering attractive payment terms to distribution partners.

The past years, NOTS has sold over 128,000 lamps improving the lamps of almost 600,000 people. A lot remains to be done. Our goal is to replace all kerosene lamps in Sub-Saharan Africa with solar lamps by 2025.