Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions

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Omnivoltaic Energy Solutions (OVES) is an off-grid electric product technology company, whose goal is to be the best product maker in distributed power generation and usage for homes, shops and offices. Since its founding and subsequent re-incorporation in Hong Kong, OVES has grown from an entry-level solar lantern producer to a distributed electric power innovation powerhouse, aiming to offer the best solutions to the dynamic needs of off-grid community all over the world.

OVES core product offering is solar powered DC electricity distribution platform capable of powering a wide range of appliances. OVES Home™ DC12V series of system packages include TVs (24”-42”), fan, phone charging, fridge, and DC Device UPS 6-18V. OVES Shop™ series include laptop PC universal adaptor, phone charger stations, commercial lighting and ePOS terminals. OVES is a leader in 12V lithium-ion battery based storage and control to power appliances up to 500Wh/day. OVES also has a deep and expanding network of partners that offer customized high efficiency DC appliances.

OVES’s vision of future electricity power, and hence its development focus, is a distributed, home-centric generation and consumption ecosystem. OVES Power Cascade™ architecture implements modular and interoperable 5V/12V/48V platforms, designed to support incremental adoption by off-grid consumers as their power needs increase over time. One key feature of OVES family of technology is Remote Off-Grid Asset Monitoring (ROAM™) data access, designed to support off-grid asset management, such as PayGo and other remote diagnostics capabilities.

OVES is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has a team based in Shenzhen, China, for product design, sourcing, testing, and for managing manufacturing associates, and supporting vendors and distribution partners. OVES has supplied its products to more than 30 different countries.