Osomobegbe Global Ventures Limited

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Osomobegbe Global Ventures Limited is a Manufacturer, Service provider, and Distributor.

OGV is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 

To bring an end to post harvest losses of harvested agricultural products affecting over 38 million smallholder farmers in Nigeria.

Zaria, Nigeria


Osomobegbe Eugene

West Africa

Our unique selling points (USP) includes:

  1.  Affordable pricing of my products and services.
  2.  High quality dried, processed and finished products as compared to those of my competitors.
  3.  Ease of use of my products and services.
  4.  Low maintenance cost 
  5.  100% solar powered and clean energy solution.

OGV is contributing to universal access by providing communities with access to clean energy for drying of their agricultural products and access to clean energy for power and lightening up of their homes. OGV provides solar drying services to smallholder farmers of perishable agricultural products and my organization also provides solar PV lighting services to these communities as well. Our solar dryers are made from readily available materials within our target communities.

Connecting us with investors in the energy sector to allow OGV to better serve millions of smallholder farmers across Nigeria and Africa . GOGLA can also help us with trends analysis for solar drying technology across Africa and globally.