Peoples Portable Power

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The company has developed an innovative Internet-Of-Things energy solution for families living in Africa without public power supply.

The Challenge

The rural off-grid population in Africa today uses a fair amount of money every week on kerosene for oil lamps and they pay for and spend time on charging their mobile phones in the nearest towns. This puts a strain on the family’s economy, education, health and surrounding environment and it maintains the population in poverty.

The Solution

Our solution is a portable, rechargeable, on-line enabled battery pack capable of storing power from village Solar PV installations for one week of consumption. It is also possible to own and use your own PV panel. Payment for the solution is based on a leasing model (Pay-As-You-Go) where the family through local mobile pay solutions continuously pay for the use of the equipment. In case of not paying or if the battery is stolen it will shut down and can not be used anymore.