Plug the Sun

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Plug the Sun is a Hong Kong based joint venture between Enerray and Fastpower. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates the most innovative solar off-grid solutions to improve access to energy across the world.

Plug the Sun is the next generation of Portable Solar Power Kits, Solar Home Systems and Mini-grids suitable for your room, house, workshop and community. Thanks to proprietary technology, all Plug the Sun products feature high density power electronics and smart energy management systems to achieve the best reliability and performance for people’s power needs, especially where the grid is not available.

Plug the Sun solutions offer both clean DC and AC power to run lights, rechargeable phones and many other appliances; mostly plug & play are easy to install, these systems can be integrated with new projects or as a retrofit for existing minigrids making people enjoy the power in their life and run their businesses.

Plug the Sun systems can be also tailored according to your unique needs; they truly are the complete home and village solar power solution. We can offer a “turn-key” assistance, overseeing at 360° the implementation of the project from start to finish integrating the most advanced technologies, providing quality installations and technical reliability at best.

As a match to our technology platform, our skilled team can support businesses with every step of development, operations and monitoring. We are the partner of choice for developers, NGOs, utilities, public entities and any other organization that needs affordable electricity solutions in underserved or off-grid areas.