Productive Solar Solutions

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Productive Solar Solution’s mission is supporting rural development by promoting agricultural mechanisation and the uptake of renewable energy.




Gregory Denn


30 years working in agricultural mechanisation and renewable energy has given us a unique experience and understanding that gives us the ability to offer a very broad range of efficient machine and energy solutions. We are able to provide individual components for integration into existing power platforms or provide complete project packages. We offer equipment that targets virtually all of the common crop processes and food production needs of rural communities. We have robust procurement and logistic ability and are able to support research and development and consultancy for our partners and clients.

GOGLA provides us with an invaluable platform giving us vital news and updates from within our industry. We have benefited greatly from the insights provided through governments and major development organisations and have seen how GOGLA is able to assist us in networking with a broad range of industry experts. We firmly believe that working with GOGLA will promote our company and assist us in fulfilling our goals.