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Qotto is a young company created in 2016 in France. We distribute and operate solar home systems in Africa. Qotto started in Benin and our local team pays daily visits to rural areas to meet villagers, identify new customers and install solar home systems.

Qotto sells its products via a “lease to own” business model, using mobile payment. We monitor our solar home systems remotely. Building on an IoT smart-card, we developed a machine-to-machine protocol with an own back-end service platform: this allows us to monitor the health of our systems for the purposes of preventive maintenance, accurate dimensioning as well as tampering protection.

Our systems can provide a large range of power from 50Wp to 400Wp. Systems come with lighting and TV while we offer hardware and appliances upgrades including fans, radios and fridges.

The core of Qotto’s philosophy is to be a catalyst for our customers’ path to economic autonomy.