Renaber East Africa Ltd

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Renaber East Africa is a technical and logistics service provider working with solar home Systems companies in the East African Region.

We provide repair, refurbishment and distribution service to all kinds of solar home systems companies, we also collect store and transport e-waste from these companies in an environmentally safe manner and deliver them to recycling facilities either directly or through third party handlers.

Through our repair and refurbishment service, we help delay release of e-waste to the environment by ensuring the failed devices and products are given an extended lifespan.

Through our services we help solar home systems and PAYGO companies manage their e-waste properly and also avoid unnecessary payment delays due to failed systems. Our back-to-back logistics network ensures the swap stocks are readily available as of when needed.

Founded in 2017, Renaber East Africa’s HQ is in Nakuru, about 160Km west of Nairobi Kenya, we have logistical networks within the entire EAC region.