Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN)

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Renewable Energy Access Network (Currently operating as the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria, REAN) is an independent, non-profit industry association representing the interest of over 40 privately owned companies in Nigeria’s Renewable Energy Sector. The Association (which was formally launched in  on November 24th, 2016) stands at the forefront of advocacy for private companies in the RE Industry and our vision is to promote strategies that will improve the contribution of renewable energy up to 40% of the National Energy Mix, by 2030. The association is focused on primarily promoting the growth and development of the industry in Nigeria by engaging with the public and private sector to guide advocacy, policy formulation and investment in the industry.

The association is a platform for the practitioners, project developers and promoters in the Renewable Energy sector to speak with a common voice when engaging the public sector, thus contributing positively to the enactment of policies that will boost investment and create Nigeria’s Renewable Energy Revolution. REAN operates out of Lagos, Nigeria.