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Renewit designs and manufactures a wide range of solar power solutions. We offer a complete end to end service including design, development, engineering and manufacturing. As well as our own brand product, we do OEM projects for leading companies in the solar field and international brands. We manufacture solar lighting solutions, SHS solar systems and larger systems for TV, fridges and other accessories. We also provide solar solutions for commercial use including solar water pumps for agriculture, solar phone charging stations for telecoms and solar smart kiosks for retail. We have applied this knowledge to develop solutions for education facilities, health facilities and FMCG companies and drinks companies.

We are headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in London, China and Singapore. We have our own manufacturing facilities in China with ISO approval. Our design, QA and merchandising teams ensure we work to the highest international standards of both design and product quality and performance and then offer this product at affordable prices.