Solar Hut

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Solar Hut’s mission is to enhance the lives of people across Cameroon and beyond by providing reliable and affordable solar energy solutions.

Solar Hut is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.

Yaounde, Cameroon


Emmanuel Monthe Siewe

West Africa, Cameroon, Tchad and CAR

Solar Hut is unique because we are the unique major market player in Cameroon fully owned and run by nationals. Our customers aren’t just customers, they are our parents, our friends, our neighbors. At Solar Hut, we serve our communities.  As renewable energies are becoming critical on the continent it is our goal to make sure that Cameroon and its neighbors adapt to more sustainable practices. With our products, we improve the lives of children who can study at night and store owners who can extend their business hours beyond sunset.

We contribute to energy access for all by making our products available even in the most remote area through our large distribution network. We also provide our customers with flexible financing options through a “pay as you go” technology.

The program offered by GOGLA will help our business accelerate as we will have access to a solid network of industry players with whom we will be able to exchange knowledge and expertise. We will also get access to market data that will serve us well as we make critical business decisions. Finally, this program will help us identify the action items for Solar Hut to meet, if not exceed, industry standards and become a major player in the Central African region.