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Solstroem offers a specialized software solution that allows off-grid solar providers to monetize the CO2 emissions reductions created by their solar installations. By integrating with the Solstroem system, solar providers can gain access to the carbon market in a simple and affordable way and generate an additional revenue stream by selling their generated carbon offsets.

When solar PAYG providers connect to the Solstroem system, their recurrent payment data or live meter data will automatically be converted into traceable carbon offsets that are listed on the Solstroem registry. The carbon offsets on the registry are denominated in gCO2e, and annotated with a timestamp and a geotag, which allows for the transaction of micro increments of CO2. The registry serves as a digital platform for selling and retiring the carbon offsets generated by the off-grid solar industry in real-time. The system, and its underlying methodologies, add trust and transparency to a fractured carbon market, and are backed by a thorough third-party business assurance.