SOSAI Renewable Energies Company

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Sosai Renewable Energies Company was set up in the year 2004 with the idea of using market-based strategies to address the issues of poverty and rural/community development as regards access to energy, clean water and ensure positive livelihoods. The dream of bridging the energy gap and balancing the energy deficit in disadvantaged societies is what drives us at Sosai Renewable Energies Company. Since our inception in 2010, Sosai Renewable Energies Company has invested in turning that dream into a reality.

Providing world class technical, engineering and advisory services as well as distribution of great renewable products in the area of renewable energy; in the last 5 years our company has become a renowned force in the evolving field of renewable energy in Nigeria. Our years of experience coupled with the expertise of our team of experts makes us one Nigeria’s go to renewable and biofuels company.

At Sosai we believe that renewable energy can be affordable, efficient and sustainable; preserving our environment is the ultimate goal.