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We deliver smart solar solutions that are owned and operated by the people who need them most. Our modular solar energy kits are carefree and help people grow in life and work, no matter where they live. Our grid allows even the smallest community to become energy resilient. While we work behind the scenes to build the energy network of the future, we empower emerging markets to take control of their energy needs with systems that are smartly distributed, viable and sustainable. We aim to ensure that life does not stop after the sunset and people are able to continue with their socio-economic activities.


The Netherlands


Marcel van Heist

East and West Africa

Our modular plug & play technology is flexible, scalable, and can be tailored to the varying energy needs of customers coupled with the Pay-as-you-Go model. We give our consumers the freedom to customise their energy kits; to purchase only the things they truly need and give the freedom to expand their household energy use and appliances in steps.

While we bring in an important technology intervention, we also try to build a solar energy ecosystem by bringing in credit financing for inventory so that distributors in developing markets can focus on their real business while we take care of the financing. This feature coupled with our end-to-end portal service and aftersales support completes the market development for solar.

GOGLA can help us guide our business ethics and aftersales service to match the industry standards. This also largely impacts our relationship with the distributors since they are the customer-facing element in our business value chain. Together, we are able to promote effective monitoring of our aftersales and consumer communication practices.