Stichting DOEN (Foundation)

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The DOEN Foundation supports pioneers who work hard to establish a greener, more socially inclusive, and more creative society, in which:

  • ┬áthe capacity of the planet is the starting point (green);
  • everybody can participate, where people work together and help each other with respect for individual needs and possibilities (socially inclusive);
  • art and culture are at the heart in the belief that society can not do without (creative).

The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives that focus on one of these three themes. Within these themes, we work with programs which specify the type of initiatives we support.

With the contribution of the Dutch Charity Lotteries, the DOEN Foundation supports over 200 initiatives annually, through subsidies, equity investments, and loans. DOEN supports both large and small initiatives and they act from the philosophy: subsidize where necessary, provide equity investments, loans and guarantees where possible.

Apart from financially helping these pioneers to realize their initiatives, the DOEN Foundation connects them to each other and brings their initiatives to the attention of a broad audience.

DOEN is helping to combat further climate change by directing its attention to reducing CO2 emissions. To achieve this, DOEN will over the next few years be supporting initiatives in the area of sustainable energy. Within this area, DOEN focuses on frontrunners with a business model. Within the Netherlands they are looking for pioneers in the field of sustainable energy and energy saving; moreover they finance initiatives that focus on access to sustainable energy in Africa and Asia. With this programme, DOEN shows that solutions can be practical, efficient and payable.