StorEn Technologies

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StorEn Technologies Inc. manufactures a new generation of vanadium flow batteries.  Building upon the demonstrated fundamentals of vanadium flow batteries such as durability and sturdiness, StorEn batteries delivers superior performance at reduced cost.

Our first product is a 5kW/30kWh battery. Our sizing sweet spot makes this battery ideal for application such as mini-grids and residential storage and telecom tower power backup. Their modularity allows adding additional modules as required.

Our batteries embed our four international patents.  In particular, our Thermastable™ technology, a geothermal battery design, is suited to off-grid communities and applications in locations with harsh climates, such as Africa. Thermastable™ delivers higher round-trip efficiency and reduced cost/kWh and cost/cycle, in addition to a superior resilience in case of natural disaster, vandalism and theft making our batteries ideal also for remote installations like telecom towers.

Our Multigrids™ technology delivers superior electrical efficiency of the stack and a considerable reduction in the size and cost of the power side of the batteries. Improved electrical performance and power density of the stack are achieved via the use of a novel flow field design and proprietary innovative materials in the stack.

StorEn can deliver superior performances at a lower manufacturing cost and TCOs, thus fulfilling market demand for efficient and cost-effective energy storage.