SUNami Solar

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SUNami Solar Kenya limited, a company originating from Norway, was established in the year 2016. It targets to electrify the non-gridded population in East Africa living at the bottom of the pyramid. SUNami has a strong presence in the coastal region of Kenya with the potential of up scaling and eventually covering the entire country.

The company has adapted a PAYGO leasing payment solution hereby making it possible for the low-income earners in the region to have access to solar lighting initially with a low deposit of kshs 3000 and a daily payment rate of kshs 100. SUNami currently has over 300 solar home systems in the coast region and also parts of Eastern.

The company also offers income generating appliances and free entrepreneurship training to the rural communities hereby impacting positively on the socio-economic lives of the respective communities.

The company currently has a pilot project in both Uganda and Malawi and is looking forward to scaling up considerably in 2019.

SUNami has a highly experienced and professional team blended with a young professional youthful team who have the ability and passion to take the organization to the next level.

SUNami’s core product is the 120W home solar system with a100AH battery and 10 bulbs. Other products include hair shavers, water pumps, USB phone charging cables, radios, tvs and Cooler boxes.

The company has also invested in a software that has enhanced the effective management of the PAYGO solution system by being able to switch off remotely.