SunTransfer Kenya

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SunTransfer Kenya (STKE) is a proudly indigenous off-grid solar company in Kenya with a bold mission – transforming rural lives and livelihoods through quality solutions and services. We are driven and inspired by the challenge of making quality solar energy accessible and affordable to over millions of households and SMEs in East Africa.

At the core of STKE’s innovation is designing, testing and scaling last-mile distribution models to deliver the goals of accessibility, affordability, and value-addition to the domestic, SME and institutional sectors.  We are energized by the difference we have made thus far, distributing over 50,000 solar lanterns and nearly 10,000 solar home systems, thereby transforming over half a million lives and livelihoods in some of the most rural and remote regions of Kenya.

Financially, STKe is EBITDA positive since 2017, a key milestone in the industry. We are now seeking the right mix of funding (equity and debt) to fund operational growth and innovations into new solar solutions and services. The great news is that this just the beginning; STKE’s future is brighter and our promise even bigger.  For more details, visit our website.