Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA)

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TAREA is a non-profit National NGO that brings together actors in the renewable energy to promote the accessibility and use of renewable energies in Tanzania Mainland. It was registered on 7/5/2001. TAREA has been implementing activities promoting; capacity, Energy SMEs mentoring and couching, information collection and distribution, awareness raising and technology demonstration, service quality control, energy gender mainstreaming, lobbying/advocating (incentives, policies, regulations, financing products), technology research, market studies and consultancy services.

The mission of TAREA is to promote and advocate the increased use of Renewable Energy by developing an effective network of members and stakeholders, emphasising the need for quality and best practice throughout the sector.

The objectives of TAREA are:

  • To advance knowledge and skills.
  • To manage knowledge and dissemination information.
  • To network members and other key actors in the public and private sector.
  • To support the creation of an enabling environment and framework for a sustainable renewable energy market.
  • To support and encourage best practice, including development and enforcement of standards and codes of conduct.
  • To promote the local manufacture of Renewable Energy products and enterprise development in the Renewable Energy.
  • To facilitate market development of Renewable Energy technologies, applications and services.