VERA International Business PLC

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VERA International Business PLC is an Importation & Last mile distributor of solar lighting & energy solutions.

VERA International Business PLC is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 

Our role to help Ethiopia’s underserved off-grid rural communities access reliable and affordable solar energy technologies; encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of rural youth and the community at large, to improve their living conditions through additional value creation and income generation.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Tekeste W/Rufael Asfaw

East Africa

Encouraged by the huge demand  from our satisfied and loyal off-grid customers, we are now focusing on supplying SHS enabled appliances for income generation. Our close relationship with local elders and communities dictates us to provide SHS coupled appliances that meet their expectations.

We have played our role in eradicating harmful kerosene lights by disseminating solar lanterns to above 1 mln rural households and now we are moving up the energy ladder coupled with PAYGO to transform the lives of the underserved off-grid communities in rural Ethiopia.

GOGLA will help us become abreast of latest technical and business developments and will assist us in crating linkages with off-grid industry players and stakeholders.