Village Power

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Village Power was launched in January 2014 to deliver reliable, affordable and accessible modern energy solutions to rural Sub-Saharan Africans. Village Power currently operates in Uganda, Mozambique and Zambia.

Our Solar Home Systems provide environmentally friendly, reliable, and cost-effective access to electricity. We provide our customers with a range of solar kits that matches their needs. The Village Power range of Pico and Solar Home Systems spans between 10W – 1,000W. Our range supports entry-level usage of up to 3 light bulbs and phone charging, up to larger systems supporting a stereo, solar TV, and computer and printer.

Each of our Solar Home Systems is professionally installed by one of our technicians, supported by after sales service, and backed by warranty. We offer our customers a number of financing options. Our Mobile Money payment plan allows our customers to pay off their system in instalments over the period of one year, often with less than they would have spent on traditional lighting sources such as kerosene. Additionally, Village Power seeks to develop partnerships with local banks and micro-finance institutions in the localities in which we operate to offer our customers the option of a commercial loan to finance their system.