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The Zhyphen Instant Grid (IG) is a modular Energy Storage system (ESS), for use in Sub-Saharan Africa (s-SA).

Unlike comparable systems, which rely on expert technical installation, that can be scarce or expensive, our “plug and play” 3kWh ESS, can be simply connected with minimal technical expertise.“All-in-one” turnkey power systems, with integrated connections and advanced BMS. System architecture enables units to be quickly connected to any renewable source or grid supply, to instantly store onsite power allowing for 24-7 electricity supply.

The Instant Grid is highly robust, offering a long targeted life of up to 20 years without the need for maintenance. We only use high-quality Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries designed for s-SA harsh conditions.

Importantly, the modular design allows for 3kWh to be linked from 1 to 9 IG blocks up to 27kWh or configured into a micro-grid. Unlimited additional storage can be added by using 3kWh storage-only blocks. This will allow for correct sizing in order to meet initial demand or as demand increases, enabling easy demand scale-up.

A 10-year performance warranty on cells (If connected to our remote monitoring system) will enable us to remotely check battery health, perform diagnostics and change certain parameters through our proprietary BMS to offer cell longevity.