New Energy Nexus

New Energy Nexus supports clean, smart, and distributed energy startups worldwide. They facilitate collaboration and innovation among the startups, accelerators, industry, and investors who are building tomorrow’s energy systems.

New Energy Nexus does this by:
1. Providing a growing body of online resources for clean energy startups everywhere;
2. Building a global community of clean-energy accelerators and incubators and providing support to new accelerators;
3. Connecting startups, investors, utilities, and accelerators through our International Accelerator Bootcamp.



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New Energy Nexus helps organizations and entrepreneurs develop new incubators and acceleration programs focused on clean energy. They support in the following ways:
1. Building startup communities and designing accelerator programs;
2. Providing training, events and team capacity building;
3. Providing strategic advice;
4. Facilitating access to mentors and expert through our network;
5. Raising funds;
6. Providing access to a global learning community;
7. Offering opportunities for co-branding

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