Ad Hoc Working Group on Measuring Social Impact Launched

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Ad Hoc Working Group on Measuring Social Impact Launched

Many stakeholders involved in bringing solar lighting to the market would like to or already report on social impact metrics – for example, the number of people reached or tons of carbon offset. These stakeholders range from suppliers to distributors to ancillary groups such as the UN Foundation and IFC. Because there is no standard for calculating these metrics, different organizations use different approaches. This diversity not only leads to questions about the credibility of any given approach, but also prevents any meaningful industry-wide aggregation or comparison of stakeholder progress. Credible benchmarking of and within the industry is important for policy discussions, advocacy efforts, and other initiatives where robust impact figures influence sector-related support and decisions.

The goal of the GOGLA ad hoc working group is to introduce credible industry standards for calculating and reporting on priority social impact metrics. GOGLA members will work together with external experts to produce agreed-upon, third party validated methodologies for calculating a set of costumer- and business-oriented metrics; to develop minimum standards for reporting on these metrics; and to establish a process for voluntary member reporting to GOGLA for public dissemination.

The ad hoc working group has adopted a 12 month work plan and will be dissolved after realizing its major goals and outputs. It is chaired by Darin Kingston (d.light) and Kat Harrison (SolarAid).

For more information on the working group, please contact Johanna Diecker:


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