WakaWaka introduces the WakaWaka Foundation

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WakaWaka introduces the WakaWaka Foundation

WakaWakas are needed most in families and communities that live on less than $2 a day. These people rely on dangerous and toxic kerosene lamps or no lighting at all, keeping them trapped in energy poverty. Although these families at 'the bottom of the pyramid' would benefit most from our products, they are often unable to buy WakaWakas through regular commercial means. The mission of the WakaWaka Foundation is to reach those people with safe, sustainable and self-sufficient energy and light solutions.

The Foundation devises strategies to make sure those most in need are provided with WakaWakas by implementing five programs that make solar solutions available to individuals who are suffering from extreme poverty, who live in remote regions or are a victim of forced migration. It doesn’t only focus on providing the technological device to escape energy poverty, but it also provides necessary life skills and support. It educates children in developing countries regarding the health and money-saving benefits of making sustainable choices for their family and community, train women to become micro-entrepreneurs in emerging markets and partner with NGOs and emergency response teams to provide assistance in crisis situations.

You can read all about it on the WakaWaka Foundation's website. Would you like to receive updates on upcoming and ongoing projects? Join the WakaWaka Foundation mailing list by clicking to sign up for the newsletter here.

You can help this mission and join the global WakaWaka Community by donating to the WakaWaka Foundation. To help a family and rid the world of energy poverty now, please discover the donation option that suits you, your school, organization or company best by going to: www.wakawakafoundation.org/donate.


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