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Just Launched: H1 2021 Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report

The report discusses the latest off-grid solar lighting and efficient appliance sales from January – June 2021, and how the off-grid solar sector has shown resilience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just launched: PAYGo PERFORM KPIs

Developed by CGAP, GOGLA, and IFC Lighting Global in consultation with some 600 investors, PAYGo executives, and experts in energy and financial inclusion around the world, the PAYGo PERFORM...

A big win for Kenya: Government reinstates VAT exemption on renewable energy products

The Finance Act, 2021 was signed into law by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, June 30 th, 2021, reinstating critical VAT exemptions on renewable energy products including solar...

Just launched: The Connect White Paper

The Connect White Paper proposes a universal connector and device-to-device firmware guidelines for 12V SHS Kits and appliances. It explores the opportunities and challenges this will create for the Off-Grid...

We have released our Annual Report for 2020

Read about our work, achievements, and financials in 2020 in our Annual Report .

Report Launch: Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report

Data from July - December 2020 reveals that off-grid solar lighting sales grew by 19% compared to the first half of the year, totaling 3.6 million products sold. Yet sales...

NREA TOOLKIT: A Guide for National Renewable Energy Associations

This toolkit has been developed to provide guidance to existing national renewable energy associations (NREAs) with a comprehensive and practical resource to help strengthen their efforts in supporting the...

Help us let the world know that off-grid solar is a triple boost for #ClimateAction - and support this pioneering sector as it works to combat climate change, power resilience and drive a greener, more sustainable economic future. 

GOGLA’s E-Waste Working Group is now the Circularity Working Group – a move that reflects the ambition and innovations of the off-grid solar industry to optimise circular processes to reduce their footprint and maximise social, economic, and environmental impact.

Read the first comprehensive analysis of the pandemic's impact on off-grid solar

Latest Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report shows drop in sales caused by the pandemic, but with the right regulatory and financial support, the off-grid solar sector can quickly regain the...

The latest off-grid solar investment trends report reveals investors remain committed to the sector, but more access to finance is needed for the industry to realize its potential.

Energy access sector essential to building back better

At the Energy Access COVID-19 Relief Summit this week, more than 1,000 energy access representatives assessed the pandemic’s impact on businesses and consumers, stressing the sector’s role in...


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