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Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Semi-Annual Sales and Impact Data January - June 2016

Global Solar Off-Grid Semi-Annual Market Report. July – December 2015

GOGLA Quality Assurance Guidance Paper - March 2017

IP Guidelines for GOGLA Members

Renewables 2016 Global Status Report

Photovoltaics for Productive Use Applications. A Catalogue of DC-Appliances

2016 Off-Grid Solar Market Trends report

Accelerating Access to Electricity in Africa with Off-Grid Solar

Conference Report - 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition

Delivering Universal Energy Access – The Industry Position on Building Off-Grid Lighting and Household Electrification Markets

RUHR Economic Papers

GOGLA Industry Opinion Calling On Governments, Policy Makers and Other Key Decision Makers To Support Quality Products and Quality Assurance

GOGLA Industry Opinion On Intellectual Property Rights Protection

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Lifecycle and Recycling

Procurement of Off-grid Lighting Products - Guidance for Aid Organizations and Governments

2nd Off-Grid Energy Access Investor Conference: Presentations

The Synergies between Mobile, Energy and Water Access: Africa

Access to Energy Bulletin

Solid-State Lighting Technology Fact Sheet

LED Lights and Eye Safety

Alternatives to Fuel-based Lighting for Night Fishing

Quality Assurance Protocols

Optical and Photobiological Safety of LED, CFLs and Other High Efficiency General Lighting Sources

Minimum Quality Standards and Recommended Performance Targets

WG Technology - 2016 AGM Update

What difference can a PicoPV system make? - Early findings on small Photovoltaic systems - an emerging low cost energy technology for developing countries

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