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Our goal is to help scale the off-grid solar sector and to support the industry in growing quickly but sustainably. In order to maximize our impact, we regularly work with other organizations to overcome barriers of growth to the sector. 

PowerUp! Strengthening National Renewable Energy Associations

GOGLA is a Clean Energy Partner of the Transforming Energy Access for Households and Improved Livelihoods Programme (TEA), funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

GOGLA is leading the project ‘PowerUp! Strengthening National Renewable Energy Associations’, which focusses on activating and strengthening National Renewable Energy Associations (NREAs) to promote off-grid solar markets. The project, which runs from 2018-2021, consists of three complementary components:

1) Creating a learning and sharing network for NREAs

2) Facility for joint market enabling activities

3) Enhanced market intelligence through national sales data collection

The first component aims to increase the capability of NREAs to deliver valuable services to their members and fully represent their members – in particular to governments. The goal of component two is to strengthen ties between associations and to address regional policy challenges affecting off-grid energy, while component three supports NREAs in their national level data collection to promote informed policy debates and business decisions concerning off-grid solar energy.

For more information, please download this summary, or contact Francis Wainaina (

Africa Clean Energy Program

The Africa Clean Energy (ACE) Business program, running from 2018-2022 and funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), catalyzes a market-based approach for private sector delivery of off-grid solar products and services. This leads to improved energy access for people and communities in Sub-Saharan Africa currently without modern energy, with an emphasis on poor people and marginalized groups. GOGLA is currently working on delivering an e-waste handbook, a customs handbook for Kenya and is working with the Kenyan government on the implementation of product quality standards.

The ACE consortium is being led by Coffey and consists of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), World Resources Institute, (WRI), Solar Sister, Open Capital Advisors (OCA) and GOGLA, with involvement of the International Finance Cooperation (IFC) Lighting Global program.

For more information, please contact Francis Wainaina (

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