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The policy working group seeks to facilitate exchange on best practices and regulatory support for thriving off-grid lighting sectors. Their work focuses on the generation of knowledge (such as the impact of VAT & tariffs or kerosene subsidies on the market) and the development of resources that informs dialogue within the international policy arena (such as the government guidance note on energy access). Last but not least, the group seeks to promote national level policy change through the development of advocacy material and analysis tools for sound sector planning and strengthened networks with national associations and civil society organisations.

GOGLA members can access member-only documents, including workplans and meeting summaries, on this page in our member section.


15 Apr

4th TILA International Conference on Energy 2019

17 Jun

Annual Member Conference AGM

What's going on

275+ decision-makers chart the future of off-grid solar in India

Off-Grid Solar Companies Sell More Solar Home Systems in the First Half of 2018

GOGLA Consumer Protection Code for the Off-Grid Solar Industry

Working group leads

Karl Skare

Co-chair Policy Working Group

Pauline Githugu

Co-chair Policy Working Group

Johanna Galan

Director of Policy



Industry Opinions

Delivering Universal Energy Access – The Industry Position on Building Off-Grid Lighting and Household Electrification Markets

GOGLA Industry Opinion on VAT and Import Duty Settings for Off-Grid Lighting Products and Solar Home Systems

GOGLA Industry Opinion on the role of public funding to mobilise investment for access to energy

GOGLA Industry Opinion Calling On Governments, Policy Makers and Other Key Decision Makers To Support Quality Products and Quality Assurance

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Tracking Energy Access

GOGLA Industry Opinion towards the use of Public and Donor Funding in the Off-Grid Lighting Industry

GOGLA Industry Opinion towards kerosene subsidies


Peering into the future. India and the solar standalone products market

Accès à l'énergie par le biais d’installations solaires hors réseau : Document d'information à destination des gouvernements

Providing Energy Access through Off-Grid Solar: Guidance for Governments

Employment opportunities in an evolving market. Off-grid solar: creating high-value employment in key markets

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report H1 2018 (Sales and Impact Data)


In focus: South Asia and the use of PAYGo

Viraj Gada, India Regional Representative