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Power Africa is a U.S. Presidential initiative launched in late June 2013 by President Obama. Rooted in partnership, Power Africa is working with African governments, the private sector, and other partners to increase the number of people with access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Beyond the Grid leverages Power Africa’s innovative transaction-focused model to galvanize collaboration, engage in critical actions to accelerate transactions, and drive systemic reforms to facilitate future investment specifically relating to off-grid and small-scale energy solutions. Beyond the Grid has partnered with over 40 investors and practitioners that have committed to invest over $1 billion into off-grid and small-scale solutions to this market. These private sector commitments will be significant in helping Power Africa achieve its target of 60 million new connections for households and businesses.

Beyond the Grid is accelerating off-grid electricity access, focusing on two strategic priorities – household solar and micro-grids – to add 25-30 million new connections by 2030, in support of achieving the overall Power Africa goal of adding 60 million new home and business connections.



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Scaling up the household solar energy market by increasing access to financing and providing technical assistance. USAID’s Scaling Off-Grid Energy: A Grand Challenge for Development with founding partners the U.K. Department for International Development and the Shell Foundation, is the flagship activity advancing household solar.

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Off-Grid Market Support; Mobilizing Finance; Enabling Environment; Power Africa Toolbox; Empowering and Powering Women

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