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Presentations: Global Off-Grid Solar Forum

From this page, you can download the presentations from the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum in Hong Kong. Please note that some presenters might have opted not to share their presentations. 

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Day 1 - Monday, 22 January 2018

Opening Plenary Session

Technical Advances in the Off-Grid Sector - a Deeper Dive

Energy Access is a Policy Choice: Policy Actions to Support Off-Grid Markets

Commercial Finance as a Catalyst for Growth

Reaching Faster Further: Deploying Public Resources Effectively to Promote Commercial Markets

Distribution is King. What can we learn from other sectors; which new partnerships have emerged?

Quality Assurance for Off-Grid Energy Systems: Current status and opportunities to strengthen consumer protection

Day 2 - Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Appliances that Drive Economic Growth

Choosing the Right PAYGO Platform and Business Model: A Look Ahead.

Too Poor, Too Remote, Too Insecure? Bringing All Customers into the Reach of Markets

A Peek Into Our Rural Customer Base: Insights for Innovation

Better Data, Better Decisions: How can Governments and Business Benefit from Impact Research?

Building an Off-Grid Ecosystem: Financing Diverse Business Models

Successfully Operating an Off-Grid Business: Managing Risk and Improving Efficiency

Day 3 - Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Acumen's Energy Investing and Customer Insights: Impact Report Launch

Building Customer Centric Businesses

Building Research Networks

Engaging Mobile Operators for Off-Grid Energy: a Spotlight on Mobile Money Integration (GSMA)

E-waste and Environmental Responsibility: Opportunities and risks for the off-grid industry

Financial Performance Measurement in the Off-Grid Solar Sector: Taking stock of sector initiatives

Governments' Role in Promoting Off-Grid Solar Markets

Off-Grid Solar and Appliance Industry Networking Event

Operationalizing the Key Performance Indicator Framework for the Off-Grid Solar Sector: Training for industry and investors

Path to Profitability

Why Management Matters:Moving from Founder-First to a Culture of Empowerment