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Rebecca Rhodes
Rebecca Rhodes Senior Project Manager, Consumer Protection and Technology

GOGLA leads the implementation of the Consumer Protection Code across the off-grid solar sector, with the aim of safeguarding positive industry impact and respecting the rights of consumers. We believe that widespread industry action on consumer protection is required to mitigate sector risks and accelerate market growth. The Consumer Protection Code now also includes a comprehensive assessment framework to help companies and investors do more to measure, monitor and improve standards of consumer protection.

What is the Consumer Protection Code

The Consumer Protection Code consists of a set of principles and an assessment framework to enable companies to measure, demonstrate and improve their practices, and provide investors and other stakeholders with a framework to promote good practice. The code establishes the de facto industry standard for consumer protection that adds value to off-grid solar companies, investors and other stakeholders.


Principles u0026amp; Indicators

The six Consumer Protection Principles set the minimum standards of practice, and are the foundation of the CP Code. The principles have been defined by GOGLA’s Consumer Protection Working Group, with contributions from companies, investors and other stakeholders.

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The Consumer Protection Assessment Framework

Learn more about the Consumer Protection assessment framework, and the different tools and services available to help companies to measure, monitor and report their performance against the CP Code .


How to Commit to the Code

GOGLA invites companies, investors and other stakeholders to make a commitment or an endorsement to the code. We explain how and answer other FAQs about the process.


Commitments u0026amp; Endorsements to the Code

The following organizations have made a Commitment or Endorsement of the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code.