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Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report Semi-Annual Sales and Impact Data January - June 2016

Social Impact Report July – December 2015

Global Solar Off-Grid Semi-Annual Market Report. July – December 2015

GOGLA Quality Assurance Guidance Paper - March 2017

IP Guidelines for GOGLA Members

Stimulating Pay-As-You-Go Energy Access in Kenya and Tanzania: The Role of Development Finance

Securitization: Unnecessary Complexity Or Key to Financing the DESCO Sector?

The emerging market for pico-scale solar PV systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Impact of Lighting on Education: Baseline Summary - Zambia

Research Study: The Socioeconomic Impact of Solar Systems—Leveraging Pay as You Go Data and Customer Interactions to Assess Impact

GOGLA Off-Grid Solar Investment Academy - November 2016

Unlocking Solar Capital Africa - GOGLA Summary Report

Opinion de GOGLA sur la TVA et les droits de douane et importation appliqués aux produits d’éclairage hors réseau et de systèmes solaires domestiques

GOGLA Annual Report 2015/2016

GOGLA Annual Report 2014/2015

Job creation and energy savings through a transition to modern off-grid lighting

Renewables 2016 Global Status Report

Unlocking Climate Finance for Decentralised Energy Access

Power for All - Decentralized Renewables: The Fast Track to Universal Energy Access

Photovoltaics for Productive Use Applications. A Catalogue of DC-Appliances

2016 Off-Grid Solar Market Trends report

Impacts of Small-Scale Electricity Systems: A Study of Rural Communities in India and Nepal

Pakistan Off-Grid Lighting Consumer Perceptions Study Overview

Standardised impact metrics for the off-grid energy sector

Mobile for Development Utilities - Mobisol - Pay-as-you-go Solar for Entrepreneurs in Rwanda

Accelerating Access to Electricity in Africa with Off-Grid Solar

Conference Report - 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition

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