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Opinion de GOGLA sur la TVA et les droits de douane et importation appliqués aux produits d’éclairage hors réseau et de systèmes solaires domestiques

GOGLA Annual Report 2014/2015

Conference Report - 4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference and Exhibition

SolarAid Impact Report

d.light Solar Home System Impact Evaluation

Business innovation and diffusion of off-grid solar technologies in India

Developing Effective Off-Grid Lighting Policy

Delivering Universal Energy Access – The Industry Position on Building Off-Grid Lighting and Household Electrification Markets

RUHR Economic Papers

Renewables 2015 - Global Status Report

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Lifecycle and Recycling

GOGLA Industry Opinion On Intellectual Property Rights Protection

GOGLA Industry Opinion Calling On Governments, Policy Makers and Other Key Decision Makers To Support Quality Products and Quality Assurance

GOGLA Industry Opinion on the role of public funding to mobilise investment for access to energy

GOGLA Industry Opinion on VAT and Import Duty Settings for Off-Grid Lighting Products and Solar Home Systems

GOGLA Industry Opinion towards kerosene subsidies

GOGLA Industry Opinion towards the use of Public and Donor Funding in the Off-Grid Lighting Industry

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Tracking Energy Access

Procurement of Off-grid Lighting Products - Guidance for Aid Organizations and Governments

3rd Off-Grid Energy Access Investor Conference: Presentations

Off-Grid Companies and Investor Profiles

The Business Case for Off-Grid Energy in India

Light for Life: Identifying and Reducing the Health and Safety Impacts of Fuel-Based Lighting

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