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Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report H2 2020

NREA TOOLKIT: A Guide for National Renewable Energy Associations

The NREA Toolkit: A Guide for National Renewable Energy Associations has been developed by GOGLA and SolarPower Europe with the support of GET.invest, a European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria; and the ...

Decentralised Solar Refrigeration: Opportunities in the Livelihood Appliances Market in India

This report is the outcome of a study carried out by Intellecap, supported by GOGLA. It aims to generate evidential information on the potential of off-grid solar refrigeration across key market segments (healthcare, households, micro-enterprises, farm-gate, and dairy) in India. It also maps the existing ecosystem of the off-grid solar refrigerator sector and provides recommendations to support...

Discussion Paper: How End-User Subsidies Can Help Achieve Universal Energy Access

This paper aims to inform the discussion on how end-user subsidies for off-grid solar solutions fit within the ‘toolkit’ of public financing solutions to accelerate energy access. It has been compiled following interviews with 25 GOGLA members.

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