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Consumer Protection Insights. Learnings and recommendations from the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code

During the development of the Consumer Protection Principles and Indicators, a consumer insights study was conducted with several GOGLA members to understand the challenges and risks faced by consumers and explore how companies can work with the Code to address these issues.

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Consumer Protection

The most important and powerful tool of any industry association is the expression of an official Industry Opinion. The Industry Opinion on consumer protection states that it is essential to ensure that growth objectives remain fully aligned with consumer interests to retain the full confidence of consumers, investors, governments and other stakeholders. GOGLA and its members are committed to consumer protection and recommend that companies join their commitment in taking industry-wide...

E-Waste Toolkit Module 2 Briefing Note - Design for Reduction of Waste

This Briefing Note identifies tools and strategies to reduce waste in the off-grid solar sector. It takes a holistic approach, recognising that it is most effective and efficient to start by not producing waste. It explores product, services and business models that can reduce waste and includes case studies of four innovative companies and products. Learn more in the GOGLA e-waste toolkit.

Off-Grid Solar. A Growth Engine for Jobs.

This report finds the off-grid solar energy industry is generating thousands of jobs across East, West and Central Africa as well as South Asia. The research was realized with support from GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and vivideconomics.

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report H2 2018 (Sales and Impact Data)

Read the latest report on off-grid solar sales and impact data. Every six months, GOGLA and The World Bank Group's Lighting Global program publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report, a market intelligence series on sales and impact of off-grid solar lighting products, sold by GOGLA and Lighting Global affiliates. Since 2019, the report also includes sales numbers of off-grid appliances, in partnership with the Efficiency for Access Coalition.

GOGLA Annual Report 2018

Learn more about the key highlights of our work in 2018.

How we help our members go further, faster

Read more about GOGLA's work in this brochure.

Productive use of off-grid solar: appliances and solar water pumps as drivers of growth

The off-grid solar sector is increasingly enabling the productive use of off-grid solar appliances. This briefing note examines the potential impact of off-grid solar products on customers’ economic productivity – and thus income and employment – with a focus on solar water pumps.

Energizing job creation: employment opportunities along the off-grid solar value chain

This briefing note explores the nature of jobs being created by the off-grid solar sector. It describes the breadth of employment opportunities created, how jobs are split across the value chain, whether they are high, medium or low skilled, whether they are based in urban or rural areas, and whether women are accessing off-grid solar employment opportunities. Insights cover four regions: East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and South Asia. Data for this research was gathered via a...

Peering into the future. India and the solar standalone products market

Prepared by cKinetics, this GOGLA-commissioned report reveals the Indian market for solar lanterns and solar home systems is expected to grow to a size of up to USD 327 million by 2023.

Accès à l'énergie par le biais d’installations solaires hors réseau : Document d'information à destination des gouvernements

Ce document a été élaboré par GOGLA, l'association mondiale du secteur de l'énergie solaire hors réseau, avec le soutien de la Société financière internationale qui relève de la Banque mondiale, du programme Lighting Global, de l'initiative Power Africa, de l'initiative Sustainable Energy for All et de la Banque africaine de développement. Ce document reflète...

Providing Energy Access through Off-Grid Solar: Guidance for Governments

This guide was developed by GOGLA with the support of the joint World Bank/IFC Lighting Global Program, the U.S. Government-led Power Africa initiative, Sustainable Energy for All, and the African Development Bank (AfDB). It reflects these organizations' shared views with regards to key policy and regulatory issues in the standalone, off-grid solar sector. The guide was revised in November 2018 and includes a complete data revision, new sections on job creation and national electrification planning, updated references and the latest tips for further readingCliquez ici pour la version française.

Employment opportunities in an evolving market. Off-grid solar: creating high-value employment in key markets

This briefing note provides indicative results of research into direct employment in the off-grid solar sector, both now and in 2022. It shows that the sector could support up to 1.3 million full-time equivalent jobs by 2022. The note was prepared by Vivid Economics and GOGLA, with support from GIZ.

Developing a portfolio performance index for the PAYG solar sector

This guidance paper builds on a joint World Bank/GOGLA initiative and industry consultations to develop a framework for a PAYG portfolio performance index.

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report H1 2018 (Sales and Impact Data)

Every six months, GOGLA and The World Bank Group's Lighting Global program publish the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report. The market intelligence series is based on sales data collected from GOGLA members and Lighting Global associates. The H1 2018 edition of the report shows that 3.7 million off-grid solar products were sold globally by participating companies. Vist this page for an overview.

Global Solar Atlas

The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, collectively The World Bank Group, have launched a Global Solar Atlas to support the scale-up of solar power across the globe. You can access the Atlas on this page.

Standardized Impact Metrics for the Off-Grid Solar Energy Sector

The GOGLA Impact Working Group has used the best available research to develop a set of metrics that companies and investors can use to estimate the impact of their businesses or investments. Updated in September 2018, the metric framework covers a range of off-grid solar technology sizes and seven thematic areas. You can also...

Technical Note: Quality Matters

In 2017, Lighting Global tested 17 top-selling, non-quality verified solar products from retail stores in Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Tanzania. All 17 products failed to meet Lighting Global Quality Assurance (QA) standards for pico-PV products, which test for energy efficiency, product durability, and other factors important to off-grid consumer experience. Results indicate that non-quality verified products break more often, more quickly, and for a variety of reasons,...

Powering Opportunity: The Economic Impact of Off-Grid Solar

This new GOGLA report presents compelling data on the economic impact of off-grid solar systems: nearly 60% of households using small scale-solar power in East Africa report a rise in economic activity. You can also download the Executive Summary.

RECP Developer Guide: Stand-Alone Solar Businesses in Zambia

The Zambia Stand-Alone Solar Businesses Guide describes the country and market context, the investment opportunities while reviewing the regulatory and operational steps required for developers and investors to enter the Zambian market. The Guide includes case studies and model business cases to help readers grasp the investment attractiveness in each market segment.

Global LEAP - The State of the Global Off-Grid Appliance Market (2016)

This report contains the first-ever snapshot of the global off-grid appliance market, and includes information on key market trends in three of the most important and promising appliance categories: fans, televisions, and refrigerators. The report presents a data-driven analysis of the current and potential scale of the global off-grid appliance market, as well as a discussion of barriers to the development of this market.

Catalogue PV DC Appliances GIZ (2016)

This catalogue presents product descriptions and specifications for 139 different low voltage DC appliances, including water pumps, agro-processors, cooling, entertainment and other applications.

Regulation Governing E-waste Managerment in Rwanda

This is an e-waste regulation document recently signed by the Rwanda government.

Business Analytics for PAYG Companies

This Persistent paper presents a Business Analytics Toolkit that provides a methodology to assess the performance of a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar company’s portfolio of consumer receivables.

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