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KPI Framework - Taxonomy for Off-Grid Energy Companies

The World Bank Group and GOGLA have developed a framework for common Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for off-grid energy companies. The taxonomy draws on existing categorizations of different business models being used within the World Bank and by other stakeholders in the off-grid energy industry.

KPI Technical Guide for the Off-Grid Pay-As-You-Go Sector

V. 1.0, January 2018. A joint initiative of The World Bank and GOGLA, the KPI framework seeks to improve availability and quality of PAYG solar sector data and facilitate information flow between investors and companies in the industry by establishing standardized defnitions of operational data indicators and more formalized reporting standards. Visit this page to learn more....

Demand for Off-Grid Solar Electricity. Experimental Evidence from Rwanda

In this Environment for Development working paper, the authors' findings suggest that, for most of rural Africa, off-grid solar is the preferable technology to reach mass electrification, and that grid infrastructure should concentrate on selected prosperous regions.

Off-Grid Solar Products Tax Ready Reckoner

This Tax Ready Reckoner, published by Lighting Asia/India, provides requisite information about the import of quality assured solar products into Inda, including impacts of the recently implemented GST.

Energy Access Outlook 2017

In this updated outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) takes a closer look at the significant role off-grid solar solutions can and should play to achieve universal energy access by 2030.

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report H1 2017 (Sales and Impact Data)

This GOGLA/Lighting Global report includes sales and impact data from 65 off-grid solar companies covering the period of January to June 2017.

Energizing Finance: Scaling and Refining Finance in Countries with Large Energy Access Gaps

This SE4ALL report offers key insights and recommendations to help governments and development finance institutions boost finance levels to help achieve universal energy access for all by 2030. It highlights the need for more off-grid solar finance.

PAYGO SOLAR: Lighting the Way for Flexible Financing and Services

In this briefing note, FIBR & the Mastercard Foundation examine how PayGo solar drives financial inclusion.

The Fight for Light: Improving Energy Access through Digital Payments

This UNCDF report examines new business models and government initiatives for energy access that rely upon digital payments. 

GOGLA Annual Report 2016/17

The GOGLA Annual Report provides an overview of GOGLA's activities and performance.

Beyond Connections Energy Access Redefined

This new report from the SE4All Knowledge Hub — Beyond Connections: Energy Access Redefined — conceptualizes a new multi-tier framework for defining and measuring access to energy.

Renewables Global Status Report 2017

The 2017 edition of the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) reveals a global energy transition well under way, with record new additions of installed renewable energy capacity and rapidly falling costs, particularly for solar PV and wind power. The report dedicates a chapter to energy access via distributed renewables including off-grid solar. Download

Reaching Scale in Access to Energy

The energy access landscape has been moving rapidly in the past few years. Based on in-depth analysis of 26 pioneer practitioners, Hystra released this new research report on opportunities to scale in energy access.

Off Grid Lighting Market Research Kenya. Report on Retailer Deep Dive Interviews

This Lighting Africa study takes a closer look at the solar lighting market in Kenya providing rich insights into product and market data as well as consumer preferences.

Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report H2 2016 (Sales and Impact Data)

This GOGLA/Lighting Global report includes sales and impact data from 55 off-grid solar companies covering the period of July to December 2016.

GOGLA Quality Assurance Guidance Paper - March 2017

IP Guidelines for GOGLA Members

Stimulating Pay-As-You-Go Energy Access in Kenya and Tanzania: The Role of Development Finance

Securitization: Unnecessary Complexity Or Key to Financing the DESCO Sector?

The emerging market for pico-scale solar PV systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Impact of Lighting on Education: Baseline Summary - Zambia

Research Study: The Socioeconomic Impact of Solar Systems—Leveraging Pay as You Go Data and Customer Interactions to Assess Impact

Unlocking Solar Capital Africa - GOGLA Summary Report

GOGLA Off-Grid Solar Investment Academy - November 2016

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