REACT Household Solar Round Two Competition

The AECF REACT portfolio is a US $166 million worth of donor commitment for financing renewable energy value chains and climate technologies in sub Saharan Africa.

With funding from DFID, A US $20.8 million has been dedicated for a new REACT Household Solar Round Two Competition;

Eligible technologies/ business models include;

  • Solar Home Systems:
    • Pico entry level multi-light SHS systems (which may enable mobile charging) of 0-10.999Wp. These enable partial or full Tier 1 electricity access.
    • Plug - and - play SHS: All-in-one packaged SHS kits of 11+ Wp, comprising several lights, radios and mobile charging as well as appliances, and enabling full Tier 1 or higher electricity access for a household.
    • Medium capacity (50+Wp) stand-alone solar home and component based systems for economic use, comprising phone charging systems, radios, appliances etc. and that can be used by small scale rural households and small business premises to provide the required power.
  • Larger (100+ Wp) solar power stand-alone component based systems that meet the full range of household/ business energy needs that yet remain affordable for middle and low income individuals.
  • Solar powered charging stations/ hubs. 
  • Distribution models that support local entrepreneurship and growth of SMEs within a solar home systems product demand and supply chain.
  • Financial lending for solar home systems; 
  • Business models based on brand agnostic ‘off-the-shelf’ platform

The competition is open to private sector enterprises with relevant renewable energy businesses in one of the five participating countries, it will be launched on 3rd April 2019 and will run for eight weeks to close on 31st May 2019.



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