The AECF renewable energy financing is US $166 million with US $61 million dedicated to REACT SSA. 

Eligible techonologies include

  • Renewable technologies such as hydro-power, solar energy, biomass and wind energy 
  • Small, household level solar home systems, comprising of basic lighting, phone charging systems and radios, made available to large numbers of households through pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) systems
  • Large solar power stand-alone systems for productive use, comprising of phone charging systems, radio etc. and that can be used at small scale rural based business premises to provide the required power.  
  • Larger solar power systems that meet the full range of household needs and are still affordable for low income individuals
  • Larger centralised renewable power systems (mini-grids/ micro grids)/ utility models, with distribution network that meet the full range of household/ business needs and are affordable for low income individuals
  • Production and/or distribution of cleaner fuels (e.g. ethanol) and energy efficient cook stoves
  • Distribution models that support local entrepreneurship and growth of SMEs within a renewable energy product demand and supply chain
  • Innovative ideas that stimulate “next generation” approaches in renewable energy sector

The target countries include Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Somalia

The REACT SSA competition is open to private sector enterprises with relevant renewable energy businesses in one or more of the seven participating countries.

Currently competitions in 5 countries are open for application, they are: Burkina Faso (Deadline: 12 Oct 2018), Zimbabwe (12 Oct 2018), Mozambique (26 Oct 2018), Liberia (19 Nov 2018), Mali (22 Nov 2018.)





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What’s on offer: 

  • Finance on a results based scheme
  • Technical assistance
  • Linkage to other businesses for cross learning and with investors for additional financing to replicate the model

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