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Consumer Protection in Displacement Settings

This lessons brief takes insights and learning from IOM Mozambique’s Enter Energy project and consumer protection study, and aims to strengthen consumer protection and highlight actions for the key actors working to enhance energy access in displacement settings. This learning brief was written by Isaac Mwangi (IOM) and Rebecca Rhodes… Read More

Low Voltage Smart Power and Appliance (LVSPA) Study

India, though achieved 100% electrification of households, still faces issues of reliability and quality supply in semi-urban, rural, and remote areas. The emerging market for Low Voltage Smart Power & Appliances (LVSPA), that integrate distributed solar and Li-Ion battery storage with weak grid along with modern energy efficient DC appliances, offers a viable pathway for… Read More

Consumer Protection Briefing Note: Personal Data Privacy

This briefing note aims to improve data privacy – and by extension, Consumer Protection – in the off-grid solar industry by identifying and sharing best practices for companies that directly collect and process data or enable others to do so across the off-grid solar value chain; from financing solar systems to distributing… Read More

Consumer Protection Briefing Note: Transparency

Image Credit: Little Sun Of the six Principles of the Consumer Protection Code, Transparency is particularly key as it underpins others such as responsible sales and pricing, fair and respectful treatment, and data privacy. Ensuring transparent operations may be challenging for off-grid solar companies because of low-literacy levels among consumers,… Read More

GOGLA Equity Academy – Briefing Note

This briefing note intends to guide users through the typical stages of seed- to early-stage financing in the off-grid solar (OGS) sector, as well as provide insight and examples of key investment terms and equity valuation practices that are most appropriate for early stage companies operating in this industry. Read More

GOGLA Industry Opinion on Consumer Protection

The most important and powerful tool of any industry association is the expression of an official Industry Opinion. The Industry Opinion on consumer protection states that it is essential to ensure that growth objectives remain fully aligned with consumer interests to retain the full confidence of consumers, investors, governments and… Read More