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Indian Market Outlook: Solar Lantern and Solar Home System

The decline of solar home systems (SHS) and lantern sales in India accompanied by the improved energy access has raised questions on the current state of the market and possible future role of lanterns and SHS in India. However, there is a paradox in the fact that despite the near… Read More

Economic Impact Assessment of VAT and Import Duty on SAS Products

Kenya through the Kenya National Electrification Strategy (KNES), 2018 identified Stand Alone Solar (SAS) as a preferred mode to electrify 1.9 million households by 2022 while recognizing that affordability would be a core barrier in this regard. In a setback to the sector, 2020 saw the introduction of new taxes… Read More

How End-User Subsidies Can Help Achieve Universal Energy Access

About 800 million people across the world live without adequate access to electricity. Solar decentralized renewable energy (DRE) products continue to be a focal point of electricity access, supporting the underserved areas in developing countries. Traditionally the large-scale manufacturing locations and consumer markets have been in China and Sub-Saharan Africa/South… Read More