2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Member Conference Report

After two days of dynamic conversation and exchange of ideas at the GOGLA Members Annual General meeting, there was much to take away for GOGLA, our members and partners, and the industry.

AGM and Member Conference: In Numbers

  • 129 Attendees from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. 36%Women, 30% from Africa & Asia
  • 51 Industry members including distributors and manufacturers
  • 78 Investors, donors and strategic partners
  • 16 Thematic discussions, roundtables and workshops
  • 6 Side events and meetings covering standards, investment and business models


We’re grateful to GOGLA members and partners who contributed to the many dynamic, transparent and honest conversations held over the two days. As we look ahead to 2025 and take stock of how the sector has evolved since 2020 (the start of our current strategy period), inputs from the AGM and Member Conference have been invaluable.

Our new financial vision for the sector provides a blueprint for how we can achieve our energy access goals, including improving consumer-centric operations, scaling innovative finance vehicles, and targeting more subsidy to where its most needed. We also need to ensure we’re bringing policy-makers along with us to support success in the industry.

To get from $425million invested per year to $2.5 billion invested per year, and to reach the billion people needed will take a substantial effort from us all.


  1. More investment, boosted by high performing, responsible companies.
  2. Advocacy for more grant capital and support to models that work to leave no one behind.
  3. Strengthen member services and collaboration across the industry.
  4. Engage more with our partner sectors – climate, health, agriculture, education and enterprise etc.

Please download and read the full report to see how we summarised the opportunities, challenges and priorities from the two days of discourse.

2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Member Conference Report

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