Consumer Protection Briefing Note: Personal Data Privacy

This briefing note aims to improve data privacy – and by extension, Consumer Protection – in the off-grid solar industry by identifying and sharing best practices for companies that directly collect and process data or enable others to do so across the off-grid solar value chain; from financing solar systems to distributing or remotely servicing them through IoT technology.

Good data privacy practices uphold consumers’ interests by processing only data for which there is a legitimate purpose and a benefit for consumers. They empower consumers to take charge of their personal data. As consumers are the rightful owners of their personal data, good practice includes encouraging them to decide whether to trade privacy for additional benefits.

There is an increasing amount of evidence showing that consumers value data privacy. Off-grid solar companies that uphold high standards of data privacy are poised to benefit from increased consumer trust and long-lasting, more profitable relationships.

Consumer Protection Briefing Note: Personal Data Privacy

Building trust with off-grid solar consumers through better data practices

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