GOGLA Annual Report 2021

The off-grid solar industry has been delivering life-changing impacts for over a decade, providing some of the world’s most vulnerable people with the quickest and most affordable route to energy access. We are an industry that is growing rapidly, but not nearly fast enough to help deliver universal energy access by 2030. As an industry, we are also expanding into new technologies and market segments, for which we need to develop new messages and support programs.

This is the context in which we started the year.

And then there was still the COVID-19 pandemic. For most of 2021, COVID-19 was still very much present. We have begun to understand how badly the industry was affected by it, but also how resilient the industry has been. Hopefully, we have now left most of that behind and we can focus on bouncing back in earnest – even though new big challenges are already testing us further.

To deal with this and to continue delivering the impacts we have as an industry, we saw a growing need for collaboration with governments and development partners. We particularly needed much more public funding, to leverage a lot more private investment – if we’re serious about achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030, as internationally agreed.

We worked hard through 2021 to deliver this message. Read about our work, achievements, and financials in 2021 in our Annual Report.