Indian Market Outlook: Solar Lantern and Solar Home System

The decline of solar home systems (SHS) and lantern sales in India accompanied by the improved energy access has raised questions on the current state of the market and possible future role of lanterns and SHS in India. However, there is a paradox in the fact that despite the near universal energy access reports, India continues to be the second largest market in the World after Kenya and ahead of several large off-grid markets in Asia and Sub-Sharan Africa.

This report aims to provide valuable insights to stakeholders regarding the current state of the Indian solar lantern and SHS market, the changing market demands, and prospects. The report also proposes actionable recommendations to further enhance the impact of solar lanterns and SHS for individuals who continue to depend on them as their primary sources of lighting and power. Additionally, the report sheds light on emerging solar technologies and innovations, highlighting the evolving possibilities within the decentralized solar sector.

Within this research Mordor Intelligence used extensive on-ground primary surveys with consumers and stake holders, expert interviews, and secondary desk research.

This study was possible with the support of Good Energies, in partnership with CLEAN Network, and conducted by Mordor Intelligence.

Published: August 2023

Indian Market Outlook: Solar Lantern and Solar Home System

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