Investing in the Off-Grid Solar Sector: What You Need to Know

Image Credit: Solaris Offgrid

The off-grid industry has emerged in recent years as an important sector to contribute to increased access to modern energy in developing countries. Its impact extends as well to job creation, financial inclusion and business opportunities for hundreds of SMEs along several supply chains. The industry is made up of a myriad of players situated at different stages of development –each with a different financing need. In order for the industry to develop, investment will need to flow to different parts of this expanding and increasingly diversified value chain. This guide touches upon how the off-grid solar sector is defined, what kind of companies operate within as well as their business models, what kinds of investment opportunities are available, and some key considerations for new investors in the sector.

The investment guide was created with support from GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit.