Productive Use of Renewable Energy in the Agriculture Value Chain: Market Assessment India

Agriculture is a vital industry in India, employing 50% of the population and contributing 17% of the country’s GDP, yet it is hampered by intermittent electricity access in rural regions. India has achieved a 100% household electrification, yet grid reliability, especially in rural areas, remains a pressing issue. This affects the lives and livelihoods of people in these regions and has a significant impact on agriculture.

The report aims to inform policymakers, practitioners, investors, and start-ups on the status and potential of using distributed solar energy to power agriculture and agricultural equipment in India. It does this by sharing:

  • Analysis of PURE products and companies in the market
  • Analysis of the demand, supply, and anticipated trends in productive use of solar energy
  • A review of current PURE business models
  • A review of the enabling environment, including policies, programmes, and plans.